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Tech Talent in FinTech Industry

Kapil Poojari


FinTech is gaining a momentum but there is still a long way to go.

We’re still walking around with our cards, our money is laying around in our current accounts not being invested when we don’t need it and currency exchanges can be found at every airport. At the same time, we see fraud detection or mortgage credit scoring being nearly 100% dependent on machine learning. There are still plenty of opportunities for FinTech companies to change the way we and businesses earn, pay, transfer, borrow and invest money.

Hiring talents for the FinTech industry is an arms race. The more skilled developers, data scientists and product managers companies can hire the more of the technology edge they have over competitors working on tackling the exactly same challenge. William Mougayar in his book The Business Blockchain says that by mid 2016 there were only “5,000 developers dedicated to writing software for the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, or blockchain in general. The good news is that Java, C++, JavaScript, Python, Golang and Haskell developers are out there to be hired!

We looked at the most popular tech stack among FinTech companies and checked how deep are the talent markets for those technologies in several countries. Enjoy our first infographics of 2017!

Marcin Smolinski
Founder @ Toolbox for HR

Infographic FinTech Jan 9th.001

Infographic FinTech Jan 9th.002

Infographic FinTech Jan 9th.003

Infographic FinTech Jan 9th.004

Tech Talent in E-commerce Industry

TB4HR Team


HO HO HO e-commerCO!

With all holiday shopping madness, we looked up what is the most popular tech stack used by major e-commerce platform. Then we looked up how does it translate into geek talent market in several countries.

Happy Festivus, Hannukah, Christmas, days with limited food deliveries, days with slow internet at your parents, anything else you will be observing in coming days.

Keep on recruiting in 2017!

Marcin Smolinski
Founder @ Toolbox for HR

E-Commerce Infogrpahic.001


E-Commerce Infogrpahic.003

Tech Talent in EduTech Industry

TB4HR Team


Since famous TED Talk by Sir Ken Robinson, we see education market moving the needle on disruption. At the same time, the costs of education were soaring over the last 40 years.

Platforms such as Elearning, Videos, Online Classrooms, Mobile Apps, Social Media blended with IoT, VR, 3DPrinting are creating new learning opportunities for students and teachers as well as developers and product managers. There is a bit of technology in kindergarten and K12 Education. Even countries with relatively low GDP believe that tablet and e-schoolbooks are money better spent than another central committee for education.

EduTech is working its way to make sure that education is accessible, affordable and exciting. How many solar system models have we made over last few decades? Now we can zoom out on our iPhone to show 6 years old distance between the galaxies to explain why Voyager is pretty lonely in intergalactic travels. Don’t get me wrong – building stuff together with kids is still fun!
Another exciting industry and another talent market research delivered by #TB4HRLabs – enjoy!

Keep on hiring!

Marcin Smolinski
Founder @ Toolbox for HR

EdTech Infographic.001
EdTech Infographic.002
EdTech Infographic

Tech Talent in AI Industry

TB4HR Team


You can be afraid of robots from Asimov’s novels. You might be enthusiastic about robots that work on cancer research or remove porn from the websites for kids. You can work on great initiatives that will save humanity from killer robots while taking advantage of them finding a cure for cancer. No matter where you stand on machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning all kind of robots are here to stay.

We looked at the landscape of developers and scientists working on making machines smarter to bring you some insights into the industry – enjoy!

Keep on hiring!

Marcin Smolinski
Founder @ Toolbox for HR

Machine Learning Infographic.001
Machine Learning Infographic.002
Machine Learning Infographic.003

Tech Talent in Internet of Things Industry

TB4HR Team


The Internet of things involves machine to machine data communication based on data gathering sensors and cloud computing. We’re bringing data analytics to the real world and that is REALLY THE NEXT BIG THING that is going to stay with us for longer. There is no limit to the innovation IoT can bring and we’re proudly taking part in building this future.

We checked the IoT talent situation and turned it into an infographic. Maybe it’s time to freshen up your C skills. Embedded development jobs are getting more and more attractive.

Keep on recruiting!

Marcin Smolinski
Founder @ Toolbox for HR


IoT Infographic Oct 18.001
IoT Infographic Oct 18.002
IoT Infographic Oct 18.003

Tech Talent in VR Industry

TB4HR Team


PlayStation VR is being released and it’s another step in the games industry (since I played on ZX Spectrum just 30 years ago). We’re looking forward to seeing Virtual Reality disturbing other industries (healthcare, construction, education etc). We reviewed the VR industry history, trends and analysed tech talent distribution in the biggest markets.
Enjoy it (in 2D)!


Marcin Smolinski
Founder @ Toolbox for HR

Infographic_VR_Updated.001 (4)
Infographic_VR_Updated.002 (3)
Infographic_VR_Updated.003 (3)

Infographic : Tech Talent in Central Europe

TB4HR Team


We recently made small exercise sizing the markets of Central Europe from the perspective of tech talent. In between Black, Adriatic and Baltic Seas there is a talent pool of ~300K developers with different tech stacks. We will be releasing tech stack statistics soon so keep on checking our blog, Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook!

Keep on recruiting!

Marcin Smolinski
Founder @ Toolbox for HR

PS. Data has been collected using #TB4HRLabs tools and methodologies. #TB4HRLabs is a research department of Toolbox for HR. #TB4HRLabs primary task is to conduct research & analysis in the field of talent market, emerging technologies and future of work. To know more visit

EU Developers Infographic.001 (3)
EU Developers Infographic.002 (3)

Toolbox for HR Case Study 1 : Galactic Empire

TB4HR Team


It’s the first of our Case Study series where we brag about some of our achievements 🙂
Today we’re bragging about working with extremely cool company (code name: Galactic Empire) that we saw entering The Unicorn Club in the last 1.5 year. Proud!

Marcin Smolinski
Founder @Toolbox for HR
Infographic.001 (3)
Infographic.001 (1) (2)
Infographic.003 (1)

In conversation with Agata Wypych about Złombol

TB4HR Team


Our Recruiting Ninja Agata with her fiance Piotr will represent Team Sztos and take a long ride in their Polonez 98 car from Katowice to Palermo along with other 500 teams to collect money for Silesian orphanages. We recently did a short interview with Agata.


1. Agata, Tell us more about your participation in Zlombol event?

Złombol is the biggest charity rally in Europe. One of the principles is to finish around 2500 km route using a car built or designed during the communist era. The main goal is to collect money for Silesian orphanages, that will cover necessary expenses and donate holidays for children.

Each year, the number of participants is higher, same as amount of collected money. So far, for this years’ edition (10th one!) there are 506 teams registered. How many of them will arrive to the finish at Sicily? No idea! There is also a special stage to Tunisia, but this is just for the bravest. 😉

This is our first Złombol, so both me and my fiance Piotr, really want to finish it with our grey Polonez, ‘98. I’m sure it won’t be easy, probably we’ll face many of smaller and bigger troubles with the car, but this will be an adventure of a lifetime! And a good deed, too!



2. How does Zlombol help underprivileged children through this initiative?

One of the conditions to take part in the rally is collecting at least PLN 1.500 from Donors – companies or individuals. In return, participants offer advertising space on their cars on which the Donor can put a sticker with a company logo or a signature. 100% of the collected amount is spent on needed items for children from orphanages. The teams cover all their expenses, car mechanics or accommodation by themselves.

During the first edition of the rally in 2007, the organizers managed to collect over PLN 15.000, which were spent on household appliances, toys and other needed equipment for children in the shelters in Katowice. Last year, the raised money exceeded PLN 734.000! Children were given computers, games and educational programs, bicycles, toys, and stationery. They were funded the holiday trips as well. We hope, that this year the collected amount will be even higher!


3. Please share how you got to know about Zlombol and pictures of last year’s travel.

Piotr is a huge fan of old cars and trucks. Besides building truck models (built 2 already and the collection is still growing :)), he loves watching cars-related films on YouTube. 2 years ago he came across video report about Złombol at Nordkapp and fell in love with the idea. As I’m huge fan of holidays “on the road”, it was easy to convince me to take part in that crazy event.


Last year, Złombol participants finished their trip on Passo Dello Stelvio, the highest pass in Alps. Here you’ll find some photos.



4. Whom would you recommend to participate in such event, if yes how and where they can apply?

If you want to do something good for others, experience an extraordinary adventure, or simply check your driving skills and possibilities of your (grand) parents’ car – Złombol is definitely for you! You should be prepare for all kind of difficulties – broken car, sleeping in the tent, long distances done daily. But the prize – children’s happiness and their smiles are definitely worth it!

The rally starts on September 25th, so there is not much time to prepare for the trip. If you want to participate in this year’s edition, take a look at Złombol’s website:, register your team as soon as possible and have fun! See you on the road!


You can donate to this noble cause by doing wire transfer to the official foundation account listed below.

Fundacja Nasz Śląsk im. gen.Jerzego Ziętka

Address: Łani 1, Chorzów

Bank account number: PL 72 1050 1214 1000 0023 2153 3859


The title of the transfer: Złombol 16 – Sztos, from „Company’s name”

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