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Our Recruiting Ninja Agata with her fiance Piotr will represent Team Sztos and take a long ride in their Polonez 98 car from Katowice to Palermo along with other 500 teams to collect money for Silesian orphanages. We recently did a short interview with Agata.


1. Agata, Tell us more about your participation in Zlombol event?

Złombol is the biggest charity rally in Europe. One of the principles is to finish around 2500 km route using a car built or designed during the communist era. The main goal is to collect money for Silesian orphanages, that will cover necessary expenses and donate holidays for children.

Each year, the number of participants is higher, same as amount of collected money. So far, for this years’ edition (10th one!) there are 506 teams registered. How many of them will arrive to the finish at Sicily? No idea! There is also a special stage to Tunisia, but this is just for the bravest. 😉

This is our first Złombol, so both me and my fiance Piotr, really want to finish it with our grey Polonez, ‘98. I’m sure it won’t be easy, probably we’ll face many of smaller and bigger troubles with the car, but this will be an adventure of a lifetime! And a good deed, too!



2. How does Zlombol help underprivileged children through this initiative?

One of the conditions to take part in the rally is collecting at least PLN 1.500 from Donors – companies or individuals. In return, participants offer advertising space on their cars on which the Donor can put a sticker with a company logo or a signature. 100% of the collected amount is spent on needed items for children from orphanages. The teams cover all their expenses, car mechanics or accommodation by themselves.

During the first edition of the rally in 2007, the organizers managed to collect over PLN 15.000, which were spent on household appliances, toys and other needed equipment for children in the shelters in Katowice. Last year, the raised money exceeded PLN 734.000! Children were given computers, games and educational programs, bicycles, toys, and stationery. They were funded the holiday trips as well. We hope, that this year the collected amount will be even higher!


3. Please share how you got to know about Zlombol and pictures of last year’s travel.

Piotr is a huge fan of old cars and trucks. Besides building truck models (built 2 already and the collection is still growing :)), he loves watching cars-related films on YouTube. 2 years ago he came across video report about Złombol at Nordkapp and fell in love with the idea. As I’m huge fan of holidays “on the road”, it was easy to convince me to take part in that crazy event.


Last year, Złombol participants finished their trip on Passo Dello Stelvio, the highest pass in Alps. Here you’ll find some photos.



4. Whom would you recommend to participate in such event, if yes how and where they can apply?

If you want to do something good for others, experience an extraordinary adventure, or simply check your driving skills and possibilities of your (grand) parents’ car – Złombol is definitely for you! You should be prepare for all kind of difficulties – broken car, sleeping in the tent, long distances done daily. But the prize – children’s happiness and their smiles are definitely worth it!

The rally starts on September 25th, so there is not much time to prepare for the trip. If you want to participate in this year’s edition, take a look at Złombol’s website:, register your team as soon as possible and have fun! See you on the road!


You can donate to this noble cause by doing wire transfer to the official foundation account listed below.

Fundacja Nasz Śląsk im. gen.Jerzego Ziętka

Address: Łani 1, Chorzów

Bank account number: PL 72 1050 1214 1000 0023 2153 3859


The title of the transfer: Złombol 16 – Sztos, from „Company’s name”


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