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Whether you are a student / fresh graduate considering recruitment as a step in your career development or you are a seasoned recruiter with a strong track record of running your own projects and managing clients, we would be happy to hear from you!

Toolbox for HR’s team has been growing constantly and we are always eager to talk to talented folks.

What does talented mean to us? Well, first of all, we need you to be fluent in English. We cooperate with companies all around the world and manage their recruitment processes. We need to make sure that nothing is “lost in translation.”

We All Speak Geek!

Now that you have worked through the English part, you might need to decode some of this Gibberish: Java, C++, Python, Ruby, SQL, Elixir, Python, Jabber, Hybrid Mobile Application, natural language processing, image processing and image recognition, augmented reality, machine learning, etc.…

Don’t worry, some of us were clueless at the beginning! But as long as it intrigues you, let’s move forward!

So let’s say you know what a CTO or CEO who’s hired TB4HR is talking about by now (both in terms of language and content). You understand his/her challenges and you feel excited to become a “construction engineer” of their new team. Great!

Learn And Grow With TB4HR

Whether you are supporting our client with a bigger team or you are working on a smaller project that is more of a one-man show, first and foremost you are a member of the Toolbox for HR team. We really care about building up knowledge and encourage knowledge sharing. We will brief you on the cutting-edge tools and best practices that put us ahead of the game.

And we will expect the same from you!

Oh, and we really value integrity!

Does this tick your boxes? If so, please send us your resume.


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