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#WebSummit is just couple of weeks away and TB4HR started its journey with Websummit’s local Warsaw meetup few weeks back. We met up with Peter Tully from Websummit who had interesting experiences to share after meeting the local startups, founders and tech community across 18+ locations in Europe.

We are geeks and we’re maniacs when it comes to tech talent. At Toolbox for HR we strive to hire awesome creative tech talent for startups with expertise in Java, C++, Ruby, Python, Scala, PHP, JavaScript, C, R, Devops and many other stuff that makes the tech world go round.
We love recruiting tech talent so much that ahead of #WebSummit we published a series of infographics on tech talent and technologies like VR, IoT. Feel free to use these infographics as is during Websummit to support your tech talk or discussions.

Now comes the exciting part. Check below few videos of Peter Tully talking about Technology, Tech Talent and Lisbon. He has some great tips if you are visiting Lisbon for the first time (like us).

Let us know how you like these videos and If you would like to talk to us about hiring geeks just let us know. See you at #Websummit! Até logo!


Video 1 The excitement around WebSummit


Video 2 Why Websummit is being held at Lisbon


Video 3 There is a growing need for tech talent


We have some more data that we will be releasing soon so keep on coming back or better subscribe below.


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