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Every morning it’s a battle for parents to get their kids brush in a right way. Parents spend lot of time, energy and efforts convincing kids to brush by talking, educating and playing, no matter what parents do the end result is always the same, kids brush in a fast, inappropriate way and find their way out. This is how a daily routine looks like.

Kids are very smart who are armed with information, the internet, gadgets, interactive toys. What if smart kids were given a smart brush? A smart brush powered by Artificial Intelligence that turns boring brushing experience into a fun & educative game. Introducing Kolibree the world’s first AI toothbrush that was developed by parents and dentists, for parents and kids. The toothbrush interacts with the game like a joystick and the interactive educative game Go Pirate 2 is designed to teach kids to cover and brush all areas of the mouth, while rewarding kids with coins. The game is designed to last for at least 3 months, with two brushings per day for two minutes each. In total there are 16 game levels. Parents can use mobile app available on Android and iOS to see personalized reports on daily brushing habits and what was missed.

That’s the kids story, what about parents? Honestly, even if adults brush as thoroughly as their dentists recommend, it might not be that effective even with the so-called motorized smart toothbrushes. Kolibree’s AI brush is loaded with 3D motion sensors — including accelerometers, gyroscopes, and even a magnetometer to give that perfect guided brushing experience. The Coach app is designed for adults and allows real-time data capture, interaction and qualitative analysis: teaching grown-ups how to improve their oral hygiene.


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Toolbox for HR is proud to build Kolibree’s engineering team in France.

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