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Hiring Frontend Developers

Hiring Frontend Developers



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The moment users open websites or apps on the desktop, smartphone or tablet we see beautiful work of Frontend Developers. Frontend Developers code in programming languages such as CSS, HTML and JavaScript with different frameworks so that websites, apps look great and are easy to use. There are many Javascript frameworks used by developers, each has its own unique benefit, difference, and purpose. As part of development process, Frontend Developers also work hand in hand with Backend developers on specific tasks as they are part of the last layer to go on in the development of an application. As technology evolves the products, services are rapidly changing, companies are looking for creative developers who can revolutionalize the Frontend development practices.

At Toolbox for HR we recruit Frontend Developers for tech companies based on their exclusive and specific technical needs and developer profiles. Our expert team recruited ~40 Frontend Developers in last 18 months.

Check out this cool presentation loaded with tips and trends on hiring Frontend Developers.



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