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Infographic : Tech Talent in Central Europe

TB4HR Team


We recently made small exercise sizing the markets of Central Europe from the perspective of tech talent. In between Black, Adriatic and Baltic Seas there is a talent pool of ~300K developers with different tech stacks. We will be releasing tech stack statistics soon so keep on checking our blog, Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook!

Keep on recruiting!

Marcin Smolinski
Founder @ Toolbox for HR

PS. Data has been collected using #TB4HRLabs tools and methodologies. #TB4HRLabs is a research department of Toolbox for HR. #TB4HRLabs primary task is to conduct research & analysis in the field of talent market, emerging technologies and future of work. To know more visit

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Toolbox for HR Case Study 1 : Galactic Empire

TB4HR Team


It’s the first of our Case Study series where we brag about some of our achievements 🙂
Today we’re bragging about working with extremely cool company (code name: Galactic Empire) that we saw entering The Unicorn Club in the last 1.5 year. Proud!

Marcin Smolinski
Founder @Toolbox for HR
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Hiring Database Developers

TB4HR Team


All of us have used some kind of database, at least once in a lifetime. Collection of data in the Excel spreadsheets, Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), or contact lists in our Gmail mailbox are the most obvious examples.

If you want to manage those information, analyze them and generate reports based on those data, you need to use a Database Management System (DBMS). It’s a software that will help you with that. One of the first DBMSs, IBM IMS (Information Management System), was launched in 1966 and was designed for Apollo program. IMS helped in the inventory of huge amount of bill of materials needed to build Saturn V moon rocket and Apollo space vehicle.

That’s a cool, geeky stuff, but what does it mean for the recruiter?

As the new types of databases are still created (e.g. NewSQL) and the number of information, which needs to be managed or retrieved increases in a geometry rate, some of the companies decided to create brand new role: Database Developer. Don’t confuse it with Database Administrator, whose responsibilities are a bit different. Developer designs and develops new features or programs that will cooperate with databases, as well as improves their performance. Where to look for those professionals? Take a look at our presentation!

This presentation will give you a bit of overview on the databases topic, how they’re divided and what SQL stands for.

Hello BUW! Our new amazing office!

TB4HR Team


Toolbox for HR  is growing! We have recently moved to a fantastic and spacious office. The new office will allow us to accommodate our fast-growing team that helps to scale tech startups all around the world.

Our new office is situated in the center of Warsaw, just off Vistula river in a fascinating and modern building of The University of Warsaw Library (known as BUW) where glass, steel and nature come together as a great architecture (and it’s among  top 10 attraction in the city according to TripAdvisor). We also have a rooftop garden, one of the most beautiful and the biggest in Europe!



The building and the area around is full of great and geeky places that attract amazing people and businesses. We’re neighbours with DELAB – Digital Economy Lab founded by University Of Warsaw and Google as well as Codility – a great platform for testing candidates’ coding skills (which we use as well).  Besides that, there is a fascinating Copernicus Science Center just around the corner. Geeks all around!




IMG_0680 (2)

Yes, we tear down barriers and walls! We work in one big open space all together! We believe that it will improve communication, cooperation and speed of work among all of us. We believe this will boost our collaboration and innovation. We have moved our Game Of Thrones and Star Wars rooms from the previous office but there are few more that we are still to name and add some cool items.



“May the Force be with you”!


How to get to our office?

Our office is situated in The University of Warsaw Library (BUW) located in the heart of Warsaw, in a walking distance from Nowy Swiat street and the Old Town at 56/66 Dobra street.



You can easily get to us from anywhere by bus, metro, car or taxi.

Bus: 105, 118, 127 (Biblioteka Uniwersytecka stop)

Metro: M2 (Centrum Nauki Kopernik stop)

We are 15 minutes away from Warsaw Central Station and 25 minutes from Chopin International Airport (WAW). Uber will cost ~12 to ~30 PLN accordingly.




To get to our our office while in BUW, you have to take an elevator (opposite of Costa Coffee), go up to the 1st floor and you will find us there!


We are looking forward for your visit!

Photos source: Sztukakadru by Andzej Chomczyk, MWFCToolbox for HR, Google Maps


Finding Tech Talent on Meetup

TB4HR Team


Meetup is a unique platform for finding tech talent. There is an opportunity to reach members who are extremely active in Tech community and are willing to go an extra mile to learn more about technology and develop their skills. The profiles of these members could range from designers to developers, Data scientists to Analysts and more. The list of topics is big based on which members join groups, create local communities and eventually meetup to discuss or brainstorm ideas, latest trends around these topics.


So if you are looking for networking or learn some new tricks about a particular programming language or technology then Meetup is your platform, not to mention finding someone on meetup gives you an opportunity for personalizing the pitch and opens another communication channel. Check out the following presentation to see what more you can do on Meetup.


Hiring Frontend Developers

Kapil Poojari


The moment users open websites or apps on the desktop, smartphone or tablet we see beautiful work of Frontend Developers. Frontend Developers code in programming languages such as CSS, HTML and JavaScript with different frameworks so that websites, apps look great and are easy to use…

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Hiring Ruby Developers

TB4HR Team


Ruby is a general-purpose programming language created by Yukihiro Matsumoto in 1995. It is easily readable (reads like English), has unsurprising syntax and was created with an idea to ‘keep programmers happy’. It allows for higher productivity and efficiency and for getting product ideas up and running quickly…

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